Fan of strategy games? Or maybe you are just looking for something  to entertain you for a few minutes? Look no further, for Line of fire is just what you're looking for!

Inspired by Plants vs Zombies, try to beat the 5 levels and share your stats with your friends. Adjust the difficulty to make it more challenging (or easier) to smash those nasty robots.

This project was made as part of the Unity 2D Udemy course and, as a student and wannabe gameplay developer, all feedback is welcome.

Have fun!

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XD estan rotos los enemigos. imposible ganar XD

Es un poco difícil, sí jeje. La idea es ver el patrón que siguen los enemigos, por qué líneas salen y qué tipos de enemigos salen para poder contrarrestarlos. También se puede bajar la dificultad en las opciones. Suerte si lo vuelves a intentar, y muchas gracias por probarlo! :D